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The Simple Things in Life and Improve Your Self Confidence

Every day on the way home from work I sit on the train and observe the goings on in the carriage around me.People, dressed in their constrictive little penguins suits, shuffle around so they don’t have to sit next to one another or (God forbid) look at one another. Plugged into their little white earphones they are completely oblivious to anyone sitting around them. Carefully arranged bags make the seat next to them look just uninviting enough to deter anyone who might want to attempt sitting next to them. Since when have we become such a self involved and insular community? People are, for the most part of their day, shut off from all the amazing experiences around them.The thing is this… It all makes me feel really lucky. Since I experienced my own quarter life crisis and started travelling life has become a completely different experience for me and has opened my eyes to world around. I really hope that others can experience the same kind of excitement about life as I have right now. Many people are scared to let go of their preconceived notions of what their lives have to be and they become depressed by it. I’m so fortunate that on my travels I have met so many other people who, like me, are experiencing life to the full. It gives me inspiration to keep on going.

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There is also not just one way of going about experiencing life, which is partly what makes it so great.Even just taking a different route to work or watching less T.V and going for a walk can be enough for some people to shake off the shackles of their day-to-day stupor.I really explored this concept this after attending some excellent courses run by Karma Jiga. Karma Jiga was a senior monk at the world-famous Samye Ling Monastery in the Borders of Scotland and the founder and Project Director of Rokpa Dundee. He opened my eyes to a lot of things including the theory of mindfulness and since then I would encourage anyone if they have any interest in getting rid of stress and living more in the moment to attend some meditation classes. They don’t have to be religious if you have no interest and can be used as a really effective life tool for all sorts of things. Some of the most important principles were very straight forward: Take notice of the world; focus on whatever you are doing; commit random acts of kindness; be thankful for yourself and your life just the way you are. However, these are things that most people forget on a daily basis. Too many people spend their lives wishing their lives away. Psychology today also recently printed an interesting article on trying to live in the moment.For some, maybe the way to reconnect is just looking a little harder at what is going on around them. A few weeks ago I went to see an exhibition by the artist Louise Hawson Who, In 2009 decided to spend a year exploring and photographing one new Sydney suburb a week. The suburbs of Sydney vary hugely from place to place and i think most people would be surprised if they headed out from the CBD to Auburn, for example, which has a high population of Islamic people and a plethora or Iranian, Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurants. Louise shares her experience here on her blog, She has now extended her project and is looking at suburbs around the world. I’d highly recommend her blog to anyone and it is a fantastic insight into some of the lesser known suburbs In the city.

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For others, maybe the way to discover happiness is by travelling and I am so fortunate that I have so met so many other people who, like me, are experiencing the world though travel. For some really interesting blogs based on travel check out my section on fantastic blogs which will be being updated periodically. When I talk about my travels many people express how they WISH they could travel too but can’t because of commitments or finances. I’m never sure exactly what to say to them except go for it! You will never regret the things you do… only those that you don’t. For some more practical advice the other day I read a fantastic blog by The Nomad Grad who explains how she manages to finance a nomadic lifestyle… so now there are no excuses!I’m aware this has been a bit of ramble but I hope it inspires people to go out there and start living… or at least let someone sit next to them on the subway without a grumble. Who knows what interesting stories they might have to tell or where it might lead you!

How to Spice Up Your Travel Life with a Caribbean Travel Vacation

For those whose vacations get boring at the same destination or who want new vistas to explore, consider a Caribbean travel vacation. Whether that may involve sailing, botany, scuba diving or just lounging on beautiful beaches, you can spice up your vacation, and your life with a vacation in the Caribbean.The Caribbean islands span a very large geographic area in the Caribbean Sea that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Mexico and South America and includes hundreds of islands and vacation opportunities.Nestled between the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the mighty North Atlantic Ocean, Antigua is a tiny island that makes up the second half of the country, Antigua and Barbuda. With an area of 108 square kilometers and a fascinating landscape of low-lying limestone and coral islands with some higher volcanic areas, the island is a haven for people looking for a place to relax and have fun in their own tiny spot in the Caribbean. Places like Antigua Bay provide a tranquil and beautiful backdrop for your vacation.A vast portion of activities you can do in Antigua involves water excursions, such as Antigua sailing week, boating, and yachting. But for the land-lubber, there is also a multitude of alternative activities available, including cricket, tennis, eco tours, golfing, hiking, bird watching, hunting, and riding.

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The Bahamas islands are located on the eastern edge of the Caribbean, just south east of Florida. If you want to the variety of activities that include shopping, nightlife, and bustling centers, while exploring the beautiful beaches, then consider vacationing in capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau, or the impressive Grand Bahama Island.Nassau features an eighteen acre Botanical Gardens with over six hundred varieties of shrubs, flowering trees and cactuses. The Gardens contain a huge collection of Bahamian and exotic orchids. Admission is nominal at around 1 USD.But if you’re looking to be away from all the crowds and finding an intimate escape from civilization, you may want to be in the out islands of the Bahamas, like The Abacos, Andros, Acklins, Crooked Island, The Exumas, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleutheram, Harbour Island, and all the other out islands which offer the most diverse of experiences and private spots. Deciding on the island of your choice and the activities that you want to do will give you a head start in planning a Caribbean vacation package.Andros is an excellent place to kick back and enjoy the warm Caribbean sun. Because most of the island is undeveloped, there are few phones, few bus lines, and other facilities that could distract you from your relaxing vacation.Andros is not just one island but a group of islands tightly meshed into one archipelago. With its rocky shores and a web of creeks, this Caribbean luxury travel destination has never offered the kind of obvious harbor found on other Bahamian islands so, apart from the odd fishing lodge and Caribbean luxury travel retreats, development has largely bypassed it. However, what has made the island unsuitable for urban evolution makes it perfect for eco-tourism.If you love nature, you will love the flowers of Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s flora biodiversity alone is made up of well over 10,000 species of vascular plants and beautiful flowers. As for trees, almost 2,000 species have been recorded in this small country in Latin America. This makes a Caribbean travel vacation to Costa Rica even more exciting, with such fascinating and endless number of natural habitat for various flora and fauna.

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With its clear waters, corral reefs, and amazing sea life, St. Thomas is one of the best places in the world to go on a scuba diving adventure. The island is well-known for its seclusion and beautiful top rated beaches, but it is the scuba diving experience as a popular underwater activity that brings in tourists from all around the world.Whether you consider yourself an experienced scuba diver or just a beginner, try scuba diving on a guided tour. Scuba diving tours are given by trained and experienced professionals. You may find scuba diving tours right off the coast or tours that are hosted off of a boat. Two excellent tour guides include Blue Island Divers and the Admiralty Dive Center. Both offer tours exploring underwater wreckage and underwater sea life, as well as diving lessons and tours are available for individuals of all ages.There are many other varieties of vacation experience available in the Caribbean islands. Spice up your life with a dash of Caribbean travel on your next vacation and you will definitely want a second helping.

A Philosophy of Travelling Life

There is a thought that time does not actually move, but rather it just remains as a state or as an idea. For God of course a millennium is just a fleeting moment. But, here on our beautiful planet life proceeds under its own steam, at a pace that is relevant to the time. People are born, growing, go kindergarten, school, university, work and then retire. After such a long journey to us mere mortals, people have got plenty of time to rest and relax. The youth of today have love and time and run, if it stops tomorrow; the older you are the more memories and moments you begin to understand. And every person in his/ her 30s, 40s, 50s etc can say the life really only begins to make any sense, once you have the knowledge of time.The young see and rush at life with such vigour thinking it is only going to last the one day, but this is truly only a prelude for a real life. I have noted that many retired people still retain plenty of energy and power. They are ready to go be active and go on holidays and still want to experience new emotions and feelings. The time and new freedom gives them the wings to fly! With such a wide range of psychic types and individuals, there is among us a diversity of reasons, motivations and goals that these travelers are intent on seeing.

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Academic thinking people like intellectual traveling. They are often interested in feeding their brain with fresh information that stimulates their thoughts. The most important aspect of their travel is to learn and open your mind and discover new things. I suggest that people with good sense would like to visit historical places, new locations, places of interest, tourist attractions, museums, parks, zoos, aquariums… They adore to meet new people, study new cultures, find out new facts about history, locations, countries etc. They are by definition curios and the more places they visit, the more satisfied they feel and a need to look for more. I also propose that a second type of seeker is found to be fonder of the physical pastimes.They still enjoy the adventures of travel, but they go further by delving into the likes of camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing, rafting, canoeing and in general water sports or any other physical activities. I feel it provides such people with a portion of adrenalin, as they like the risk and most definitely the feel the end justifies the means! Creative people get inspiration from art. Art is a style of life that stimulates them for masterpieces and deeds. Depending on the particular passion a person can go to Austria for seeing the best performance at the State Vienna Opera House, Metropolitan Opera in New York or to see a musical performance in a Broadway Theatre. Also for an artistic type it can be an appeal to visit galleries of pictures, to attend a movie festival etc. There is one more group of people that really enjoy the life of socialising during their trips. “Social people” love to visit their families, friends and meet new people. It is important for retired people feel like they are a part of a global community, they made their contribution and they should now enjoy and reap the rewards.

Critical Areas That Travel, Life And Health Insurance Address

Travelling is a way of exploring the world and connecting with people from the across the globe. To some, it is a hobby or a leisure activity. For any journey, someone is always there to wish you a safe one. However, you are not safe enough until you take travel insurance for your journey. Travel insurance ensures your safety by addressing key areas of your life in the event anything unfortunate occurs. Medical costs tend to accumulate to stressful figures when you get into an accident of any sort. Therefore, to ensure that you are on the safe side, travelling insurance will deal with the following to assist you:· Medical careIn fatal accidents, barely anyone survives the incident. The lucky few who come close to survival end up in ICUs or ERs where they get special care from the paramedics. The medical care comes with many expenses as said earlier. Travel insurance policy comes through at this point to make things easier for you and your family members. Even as you undergo special treatment, you will have nothing to bother you except pain, which is obvious, since the cover will take care of everything.

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· Medical prescriptionsThe hardest part about treatment is not actually taking the medication, although some people who may be allergic to certain drugs qualify as exceptions (and end up getting special attention). The worst part is getting the drugs, which are costly. Not everyone is capable of affording expensive drugs and this ends up taking a toll on their health. To solve this problem, some packages that consider not-so-privileged people in society such as no exam life insurance (it cuts down on expenses incurred by obtaining a medical report) ensure that you have access to the right medication in the appropriate time.· Medical transportationThese days, the health services are faster and better. For many years, people have had their emergencies addressed by ambulances that quickly came to the rescue of people fighting for their lives. Right now, there are air medical services. If your life is at high risk and you need transfer to a hospital in overseas with better facilities, the travel insurance cover will facilitate medical evacuation to save you from the critical point.

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· Medical visitsAfter recovery from a serious illness, you may still have to stop by the hospital on few occasions for medical check-ups on health progress. In a few words, all the things that can give you headache will be non-existing after you take the travel and life cover. Even as you travel, you will be sure of safety and have some of hope of seeing your loved ones again.

My Exciting French Travel Life

Tucked away, almost deleted, in my spam box this morning, was a very welcome virtual “Treasure of France.” An email from a family I spent a night with more than a year ago. It was, like all of my “one nighter” filming encounters, 24 plus hours of genuine hospitality and friendship. A (for me, continuing) demonstration that “people will always be kind.” And a realization by all, that this unexpected evening would, most probably, be a one time event. Their mail ended with: “We wait to hear more news of your (my italics)exciting life.”Exciting life? Me? Uhhhh… well… I have experienced virtually every region of France. And, in all modesty (of which as you know, dear reader, I have an unlimited supply) I “know” more about those regions than most of the natives here. But, exciting?For me, “exciting” is a sudden, unexpected jolt of adrenalin. Usually flavored heavily with pleasure, joy, happiness, or some positive variation thereof. Like winning the lottery or discovering your bank balance gained some zeros on the end overnight. Exciting? Absolutely! A roller coaster ride. Not my personal cup o’ tea. But exciting? Yup.

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Chained to my computer on a sunny day, curtains drawn, chirping birds punishing me with their happiness, as my software refuses to do it’s job. Exciting? But wait… there’s more! When, after a million light years on hold (which I am paying for) the tech geek says: “Gee – never heard o’ anything like that before.” And does he then continue: “What I’d suggest is…” You know the answer dear reader, do you not? Exciting?A flat tire in beyond the middle of nowhere. In a plus 9 gale with horizontal sheets of magnum force rain. After 10 hrs in the saddle, and 2 yet to go. You’re exhausted. You’re starving. And, (wouldn’t ya know it) you have to pee like there’s no tomorrow! Exciting?Your (only) Camcorder craps out 10 days before a major shoot and, you guessed it – no one in Europe has the part. Soooo – back it goes to the excited states, while you sweat bullets, with each kilometer, creeping forward to your rendezvous with one of the most celebrated chefs in France. Trying to imagine how you’ll finesse a video shoot with no camera. If “free floating anxiety/latent panic” are your ideas of “excitement”… then this, clearly, is the zenith of excitement!For the most part, I guess I think of my life more in terms of satisfaction and contentment. Both of which, are the obvious results of memorable travels and countless marvelous meetings. Treasured even more for their spontaneity.Past satisfaction and contentment, there are rare, but definite moments of pure Bliss. Most of them, relating to smells. The heady scent of Provencal lavender on a baking hot day. The almost medicinal aroma of pine, surfing the forests of the Var, in equally sweltering heat. The early morning perfume of freshly baked bread as you glide through a tiny perfect village, still sleeping. Expect for the postman on his clunky yellow bike.But for me, the greatest, defining moment of bliss, is floating through a landscape so perfect, with light so clear and soft you want to stop every other minute. Not just for a photo opp. But simply to marvel at it all. In this moment of bliss, the road is a glass smooth, no potholes surface. No cars. No billboards. You’re not hungry. Not tired. And the temperature is pleasantly warm, with a soft, caressing breeze.

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This, dear reader, is what I live for. This is the “pinch yourself” moment. When you can’t believe that life can be this perfect. And(as you’re pinching yourself) realizing that there are kazillions of people all over the world (some of whom you know) who are in suits and (uggh!)inside! Even worse, some are in suits, in cars, stuck in traffic, with no good song on the radio!It is at that moment, regardless of whether you believe in luck, destiny, fate, or none of the above, that you know(and appreciate) beyond the hint of a shadow of a doubt – you are on the right road!”I have taken the road not taken and it has made all the difference.”
– Robert FrostThere you have it, dear reader. The black, white and grey of my life.(So far!)Exciting? Or just “different?”
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